UMKC Web Access Logon
Please logon for Internet access.

This web logon helps to ensure that only UMKC Faculty, Staff, Students, and authorized guests use the University Internet resources.

This logon is also for the purpose of enabling Peer to Peer network traffic for users who have otherwise already authenticated to the network.

You may also get this logon page if you are off campus, and attempting to access certain protected resources.

Campus managed Windows computers using UMKC logons will normally automatically logon to web access.  If you are using a Campus managed Windows computer that uses UMKC logons, and you reach this logon page on a regular basis, please contact the Call Center for troubleshooting.

Logons will typically last up to 24 hours.

For Linux/Unix research machines, we can setup special logon exemptions once you provide us with additional information on your machine.

Contractors and others working for the University can obtain temporary guest accounts through the contracting department.

All users of the UMKC campus network need to be aware of our copyright requirements, and aware of the UM Acceptable Use Policy and other IS Policies.

For problems or questions about the Web Access Logon, please contact the Call Center at 816-235-2000 or .

Please logon using your email-form of your username, such as: